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The Hothouse for Protein Design

Nature Biotechnology, News Feature 23 June 2020

The University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design has become a hub to galvanize de novo protein engineering, citizen science and much more since its founding in 2012.


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Cancer Therapy Advisor

photo credit: National Cancer Institute @NCI

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A New Hope for IL-18, Sep 2020

Read more of my articles at CTA about cutting-edge cancer research and clinical trials

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

A row of test tubes containing blue liquid
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Genetic Engineering, No Virus Required, Sep 2020

My work at GEN covers trends in biotech and the companies bringing new genetic technology to the public

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To Stop The Next Pandemic, Scientists Want to Vaccinate Wild Animals With Viruses, Oct 2020

For I write about how advances in genetic technologies are improving our health and combating disease

UCLA Neurology

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Time Cells in the Brain Adapt and Change to Link Important Events in Memory, Oct 2020

For the ‘Brains of Neurology‘ blog, I cover news out of the Department of Neurology in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Science News for Students

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Remote Controlled Nanoparticles Could Fight Cancer — Gently, May 2019

Science News for Students delivers quality science content in an age-appropriate format

Science magazine

Photo credit NICHD, NIH

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Quantum Dots Get Wet, Apr 2003

I wrote for Science from 2000-2004 covering molecular biology news

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