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The Missing Sex

Nature BiotechnologyNews Feature 23 Feb 2021

For most of its history, biomedical research and clinical testing has neglected over half of the world’s population. Finally, researchers and funders are starting to recognize the importance of sex differences.


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Cancer Therapy Advisor

National Cancer Institute @NCI

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A New Hope for IL-18, Sep 2020

Read more of my articles at CTA about cutting-edge cancer research and clinical trials

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Suono Bio

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Genetic Engineering, No Virus Required, Sep 2020

My work at GEN covers trends in biotech and the companies bringing new genetic technology to the public


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The New Coronavirus Vaccine Is Changing The Future Of Medicine, Dec 2020

For I write about how advances in genetic technologies are improving our health and combating disease

UCLA Neurology

Logo by Miranda Le

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‘Telerehabilitation’ may be key in helping stroke survivors regain motor skills, March 2021

For the ‘Brains of Neurology‘ blog, I cover news out of the Department of Neurology in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Science News for Students

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Remote Controlled Nanoparticles Could Fight Cancer — Gently, May 2019

Science News for Students delivers quality science content in an age-appropriate format

Nature Biotechnology

Photo credit: Institute for Protein Design

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The Hothouse for Protein Design, June 2020

I write about emerging biotech for Nature Biotechnology

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