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I write about anything involving cells, DNA, or proteins

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The Missing Sex

Nature Biotechnology

3d illustration of a brain cancer cell.

Giving Immunotherapy a Helping Hand

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The reward for work done well is the opportunity to do more.


I write about the nitty gritty of molecular processes. These impossibly tiny, staggeringly complex interactions have always fascinated me.

Every day, people invent new tools to tinker with those molecular processes, and I’m there for it.

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What my clients say…

Your writing is amazing! By reading it, I got another round of excitement about our research. Well done!
— Y.M, researcher

This research is super interesting, and I love how you explained it in such a nuanced yet accessible way.
— L.R., editor

Caroline is very adept at getting a good story with minimal time commitment.
— T.C., department chair

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